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County Lookup via Google Maps

Last Modified: April 4th, 2012

Status: Beta


This tool is used to look up State & County Information for United States geospatial data.

This service works with Google Maps geocoding service to identify the county by sending it a latitude and longitude.

The google service used is


Directions: To find the related county you can A) manually type in a coordinate or B) use the interactive map to zoom in and left click on a location.

You can continue to click new locations on the map by clicking a new spot on the map and the old one will be removed.


Decimal Longitude












This section is for developers that wish to clean data in bulk.


How to call the web service:



DecimalLatitude (Decimal)
DecimalLongitude (Decimal)
callback (String) (Optional)
id (string) (Optional) - If you would like to send an id it will be returned in the json string on the response.

Example 1


Example 2 with Callback


Source Code for the Web Service can be found here.


Source Code for a simple script to process a csv file with the web service.

If you would like to contact us about this please use the contact page found here.