SilverBiology Labs


Measure 2d high resolution specimens.
Started: November 30th, 2008
Status: Proof of Concept


Visualization of the Biodiversity Collection Index

We wanted to test SilverMapper with real world data that had too many points in the world to plot on one map and at the same time make it useful. We decided to use the BCI data because it has over 3000 biodiveristy collections from around the world. This information is very useful to know the size and type of collections that exist in the world. This data set is directly based on the data from the Biodiversity Collection Index (BCI) and all geospatial data is estimated on Google Maps reverse geocoding service to establish a latitude and longitude. This service maps over 3,000 collections location and type from around the world. This is a good way to visualize and discover collection close to you.

Started: January 2nd, 2009
Status: Cached csv file from BCI in December 2008 so unless updated it will not remain current.

County Lookup

This tool is used to look up State & County Information for United States geospatial data.
Started: April 4th, 2012
Status: Beta